How to rent a Catering Hall

You may need to rent a banquet hall for a family reunion, an office part of your wedding anniversary reception- whatever the occasion, renting a banquet hall may seem difficult, especially for a first-timer. With the following tips however, acquiring a rental hall for your event will no longer be a stressful endeavour.

  1. Seek references and suggestions – Ask people that you know about their experience acquiring a banquet hall, and what they would recommend.
  2. Conduct research – If your friends and family could not recommend something, get information about the halls in your intended location by going online or to a telephone directory. Find out about different halls and their costs and services. Have a clear picture if what you are looking for, including the dates and times of your event, the number of people attending, space and sound requirements.
  3. Picture the event in your mind from the beginning to the end, covering all aspects form the entertainment and decoration to the food and seating of guests. This will give you a clear picture of your expectations and what you need from the banquet hall that you choose.
  4. Visit probable locations and halls to ensure that you will be getting what you are paying for. Make an appointment to visit the venue and speak to staff there to ensure that you have all bases covered. You can ask the hall’s sales person for references i.e. people that have used the venue in the past for similar events.
  5.   When you pick a hall to host your event, ensure that you have a signed and dated written contract that outlines the particulars of your agreement. Be sure to read it carefully and only sign if it is reasonable and agreeable.

With a well defined schedule and a clear visual image of your event, renting a banquet hall is a straightforward procedure. With a clear picture of what you require, it is much easier for other people to work towards making it happen. Give yourself enough time and resources to research and visit banquet halls, and you will successfully acquire a respectable venue at its deserved price.