The Holidays are approaching...

The leftover Halloween candy is dwindling, it's dark outside by 5 PM, stores are beginning to get extremely crowded-it's the Holiday Season! 

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time to give some thought to your company holiday party. The VM team has put together a list of useful links that will help you figure out how to make everyone at your company happy this holiday season!

First things first, here are a few blog posts that have some solid advice before you commit to planning a holiday  or corporate holiday party:

 Corporate Event Party Planning Guide

 10 Ideas for Corporate Holiday Parties 


Want to get creative?

Why not throw a Casino Party?

 How about hiring professional entertainers?


And once you have the party planned, it's time to send out the invitations!

Here are some classy invitation ideas from 


Of course, don't worry about the venue or the food-we've got you covered!